Bike lights

I’ve been commuting for many years usually only putting lights on when it’s been dark. With the many close calls I’ve had with traffic, I now have lights on even through the day.

These are a couple of the lights I currently run. All are chargeable by USB either directly or via a cable, so it’s handy to charge them at work too. I’ve a Lezyne 400lmn front light, which is good enough for daytime flash and evening on lit roads. I’ve another 600lmn too for when it’s darker. On the back I use to run a Knog R70 but some water got in to it and refuses to charge or turn on every so often. I’ve replaced it with a Lezyne Strip pro but doesn’t seem to be as bright on flash mode, it’s about half an inch longer so it struggles to fit below a saddle bag. I’ve attached a smaller Knog light to the back of my helmet also to help visibility. When I put a bag on I have a fibre flare attached, that’s had some good comments from other cyclists.


Knog attached to the helmet. Lezyne strip pro, Knog R70, Lezyne 400lumen



Knog R70 on full. The daytime flashing mode is brilliant. Not as waterproof as you think though.


Knog front light attached with helmet mount that it came with. Single or dual beam with flashing option too.